Save Energy

Beacon Spray Foam is offering a full line of Spray Foam Products. It has been a very exciting time to be involved in insulation, as it evolves towards building “greener” homes with higher energy efficiency.

If you are still on the fence about whether you should invest in foam insulation, there is plenty of information out there on its benefits to help you make the plunge. Most importantly, you can save a truly remarkable amount of money on energy bills if your home is properly insulated. Many people don’t realize the amount of heat that is needlessly lost from their homes every day through thin walls, cracks in windows and under doors, improperly closed vents, fireplaces and a myriad other small leaks that together add up to a significant waste. According to home heating experts, the total number of leaks and cracks in an average house add up to a whole window that is constantly open, costing you hundreds of extra dollars in heating and air conditioning.

Foam insulation is a cheap and effective way to seal off many of those leaks. It is estimated that a home that has been insulated with spray foam is 50-70% more energy-efficient and cheaper to heat than a similar structure that uses fiberglass insulation. In addition, the ecologically-friendly spray foam products that we carry are healthy and won’t cause allergies or other issues.

You will also save money on maintenance – spray foam insulation is rigid and doesn’t deform or settle, so you won’t need to retouch or refill your walls any time soon. Finally, foam is ideal for heat-proofing difficult or oddly-shaped spaces, such as attics and crawl spaces, especially in old homes that weren’t built according to standardized specifications.

Spray foam insulation will save you money up front, by being the cheapest way to insulate your home, and it will save you money every year by drastically cutting your heating bills; it will also save energy and help you live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.