Insulation Services

Beacon Spray Foam provides a wide range of insulation services for all existing residential and commercial construction, as well as new construction projects throughout Connecticut.

We handle both fiberglass batt insulation and blown-in foam insulation, as well as general consulting and energy conservation services. Some of our services include:

For residential homes, we provide insulation for newly-constructed dwellings, as well as insulation for remodeling projects, gut/rehabilitations and new additions for existing structures. We insulate attics and basements/crawl spaces, including spaces in old homes that may be difficult to work in. We work with house foundations, both interior and exterior. We handle all types of specialized rooms, such as wine rooms and bars, as well as recreation areas with high humidity and temperature fluctuations like pools (indoor and outdoor), saunas and steam showers. Finally, we can insulate free-standing non-living structures such as barns, garages and sheds.

We handle all types of industrial and commercial projects, such as warehouses, regardless of the material used in construction – brick, steel, cinder block, concrete, glass or other. We provide insulation for office buildings, high-rises, retail facilities and schools. We can insulate facilities that require strict climate control, from library archival vaults to commercial coolers and freezers. We also handle production/manufacturing facilities, liquid or gas storage tanks, and aboveground or subterranean bunkers.

Whether you are an individual or business, no matter what type of house or facility you manage, we will help you insulate it and reduce your energy use with skill and professionalism.