How to Find a Reputable Chimney Service

Perhaps the best known chimney sweep of all time was portrayed on the big screen by none other than the legendary Dick Van Dyke in the classic tale Mary Poppins. And although the methods have changed since the era of that tale, the need to clean and maintain your chimney remains as important as ever. Getting your chimney inspected once a year should be part of your annual maintenance to your home, as chimney cleaning will help prevent chimney fires- especially in residential homes, prevent carbon monoxide from building up within your home, and improve heating efficiency. When looking for a chimney sweep service there are several things to keep in mind, both things to look for and things to avoid. Not all chimney sweep companies are completely honest and forthright with their customers, there are some, such as Rick’s Chimney Service of Milford, Ct, that offer the highest quality in chimney sweeping. If you are thinking of getting your chimney serviced here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Check for certification by CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) or membership in the NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild). These companies test workers to make sure they are continually up-to-date with new materials and techniques. This is the most important thing to look for when finding a chimney sweep, as having someone who knows what they are doing ensures the job is done safely and properly.
  • References- every chimney sweep should be able to provide you with local references to check their work. Ideally this is someone you know or within your community, failure to provide relevant references is a huge red flag.
  • Contractors registered with the Department of Consumer Protection have to have a CT issued home improvement registration card on them.
  • Do not hire someone who shows up to your door, as this can be a scam. Chimney Sweep Services are among the most common business scams that show up to your house.

If a chimney sweep does show up at your door, call you instead of the other way around, or something doesn’t feel right keep these tips in mind.

  • Scammers will often show pictures from the wrong chimney to prove that your chimney is dirty and needs cleaning. Make sure you can prove it is your chimney before having them do any work.
  • Do not hire a salesperson that tries to frighten you with services. They may talk about carbon monoxide or house fires in a threatening way to hire them, so avoid people who seem to pressure you.
  • Stay away from companies who force you to make a decision right away.
  • Some scammers will show debris from your chimney, meaning it is broken. In this case, you should either get a second opinion or ask them where the chimney is brokened.

If you think you need your chimney cleaned or evaluated in the CT check out Rick’s Chimney Service today.

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