Beacon Completes Extensive Residential Project

Beacon Spray Foam has recently completed an extensive residential project which served as a showcase for our company’s expertise in home insulation. The CT spray foam company was contracted to insulate the walls of a 6,000 square foot house in the town of Stamford; however, the job grew when the true extent of the requirements became apparent. In order to pass the residential energy efficiency test, the house had to have a heat loss R-value of 21. This could only be achieved by weatherizing the roof and floors, as well as the walls.

Beacon applied both closed cell and open cell foam insulation throughout the house – closed cell where water seepage was a concern, and open cell on the underside of the roof. The house met the guidelines, and “our client was really happy with the foam,” according to Jesse Horsford, owner of Beacon Spray Foam.

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